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For more than twenty years, Nyberg Consultants Ltd. has created complete English study guides/teaching units that deal with various novels, plays, non-fiction works, films, and short stories for use by junior and senior high school teachers.

Although these units contain various components (author information, notes for teachers, suggestions for writing, suggestions for viewing, objective-style examinations, and exam keys), the most important part of these study units consists of the chapter-by-chapter study questions designed for students to complete. English teachers want their students to know the details of a text because these details reveal mastery of a particular work.  When students write compositions dealing with the literature studied, it is very important that they provide details that show they know the work well. As students answer the chapter-by-chapter questions, they are creating complex and detailed notes for future use.  Through reviewing their answers, they can refresh in their minds the details associated with a literary work, details needed to write successful complex written assignments.

The answers provided to each of the study questions will save teachers many hours of work, and these answers can be used in various ways.  Teachers may wish to discuss the answers with their students; they might want to monitor their students’ answers to ensure the literary work has been read, or they may even wish to let students check their own responses by reviewing the answers provided.

The bottom line is that the study guides will enable already frenetically busy English teachers to free themselves of having to create study questions (and answers) that deal with works being studied in class.


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